Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Little White Dog Battling her Reflection

Puppies are funny little things. The Wonder Puppy develops faster than a baby, but goes though many similar stages. She is the new project of the house. Training, socializing, convincing to use the outdoors as her toilet are the agenda of the day.

What is the little doggy blog post doing on this blog, you ask? The truth is, I am a little low on massive problems. I have a sensible job. I am fairly sure that bills will be paid and that seems good enough right now.

The husband is going to be away for a few months for work. I think it will be a good break for him. I also hope his family straightens him out. I am not worried about being alone with the kids. I have a system in place.

If anything, I am a little bored. I can get through all of the 'housework' without much effort. Between the pool, friends, & sports the kids are fine. I even have a few gardens going, veggies and flowers. We did the Disney thing and it was funnish. There are weddings and other stresses, but nothing worth getting upset about for long.

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The Cabbage said...

There you are! My link to you said you hadn't updated for months. Then I found that link was dead. I know not why.

I missed all your posts and now find a Heath-u-copia.

Then I'll begin at the beginning.

I'm bored now too. Maybe we're at the age where we just doggie paddle when the water's still because it's better than being scraped on the bottom.

And there will always be another wave on the way. That's what I think.