Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Coco the Wonder Puppy

O.K. o.k. I have finally uploaded photos of Coco the Wonder Puppy. We rescued her over the weekend. She is a Westiepoo (Westie and Poodle) mix, seven weeks old, and a baby. She is not potty trained yet.

We really enjoy having her around the house. I will go on about small dog *bling* later.

As for the rest of life: I am still stuck here in the middle with work. I have a contract coming (that has problems) and I am still interviewing. Sigh.


RiverTownMan said...

Coco is very cute. Does she know whom to kiss-up-to yet?

The Radish said...

Coco is a WonderHund!!!

You know what's funny? I swear when you said you got a puppy this is EXACTLY the kind of dog that jumped in to my head. Your hund was astrally projected into my mind! He's adorable. And he has no idea how lucky he just got. :)

The Radish said...

I worry about your wonderhund in the winter. No one will be able to see him in the snow. And then the snow will bound toward them and they won't know what to make of it. But it will be a snowclump of love.